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Puss in Boots: Usborne English Readers Level 1

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When Tom’s father dies, Tom has to leave his home with Puss, the cat. Luckily Puss is a very clever cat, and soon Tom is riding in a carriage with the King and his pretty daughter. Includes a word lis

Prohlédnte si aktuální nabídkuCizojazyná etba Infoahttpsinfoa.czanglictinacizojazycnacetbaClassic Readers Express Publishing. The Usborne English Readers series is a new range of graded readers in simplified English for younger learners. Bleskové dodání osobní odbr ZDARMA a dárky za nákup. Find out more about Puss in Boots write a review or buy online. AutorVydavatestvo USBORNE ENGLISH READERS 2016 EAN 24610.


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